Work with me

As a Heritage Explorer, I’m always planning my next Authentic Travels for the upcoming year. I am opened to share my experiences about:

  • places off the beaten track, with authentic architecture, heritage, culture, lifestyle or traditions
  • tourism infrastructure (e.g. accommodations – hotel, guesthouse & catering units – restaurants, cafe, pubs and bars, etc) furnished in old restored buildings, eventually designated as historic monuments or within a protected area/buffer zone
  • local people with personal stories (e.g. troglodytes, fishermen, sailors, nomads, etc)

If you know such people or if you own such a historical place, let me know. I shall write a personal article about you, your place or your friend.

Check my Wish List to see if I am coming into your area. I would love to work with you.


Check the places where I’ve been to. I am ready to share my experience through the travel couching option.

As a Travel Writer, my expertise field is focusing on publishing articles related to local:

  • tourism
  • culture
  • architecture
  • heritage
  • lifestyle
  • traditions

If you want me to write a thematic article, just send me a message and I’ll answer you back as soon as possible.

As a Tourist Guide in Sibiu area I invite you to explore authentic places and I assure you will return home with special experiences about:

If you want a personal tour, check my Guided Tours page and see what kind of trip you like most.

As the all above together I can help you organize your trip anywhere in the world. All you have to do is access my Contact Page and I’ll send you the price for my services together with a check-list to figure out what you want to experience during your travels. Simple as that.

*My personal reviews and articles are published on this website and possibly recycled in other publications.

* I share my experiences through my social media feeds, including Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.


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