Guided Tours

I offer guided tours in Sibiu county and it’s surroundings.

If you are interested to book a tour with me, check my Tourist Guide Certificate and write me a message in the Contact Form with your special request. I shall do all my best to meet your expectations.

If you are not sure what you can do in the area, just throw an eye through the list below and see if you are interested in some thematic tours. Examples:

* All the tours out of Sibiu town are organized with my personal car. If you have a rented car, I shall adopt my price and duration to your needs.

* In all the tours (except Sibiu historic center and Gastronomy tour) is possible to take also a meal. The meal is optional and you shall book separately for it. Otherwise a picnic during lunch time is just fine there.

*For your information, the price for 4 persons for a tour ~ 7h is 150 euros (tickets to visiting monuments not included ~ 10 euro/person/tour, no meal included). For less persons, I shall make a special offer.


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