An analysis of some recent statistics of the Romanian tourism

One studies the evolution in time of some indicators that are representative for the touristic activity in Romania during 2000 – 2009, as well as correlations between them, these being: the number of arrivals and of overnight in the tourism structures with accommodation functions, as well as the number of tourism structures and their accommodation capacity, separately for foreign and Romanian visitors, as well as for different tourism destinations. All these indicators were extracted from the database of the National Institute of Statistics. Generally, an increase in time of the number of tourists is found, but also a certain decrease during the last two-three years, except for some groups of destinations which show a rather peculiar and interesting dynamics. Thus, the tourism in the resorts of the seaside area have registered an accentuated decrease during the last four years, especially for the foreign tourists, that reflects a change in their options. On the other hand, the tourism for the category of destination ―other localities and touristic routes (which excludes the resorts of the spa, seaside, and mountain areas, as well as the city of Bucharest and all the county capital cities) has shown a remarkable growth during the whole considered time interval, indicating an increase of the interest of the tourists (both Romanians and foreigners) for the cultural and rural tourism. Read more


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